Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year and New Beginnings with the @BinaryTreeInc team.

A brand new year always feels full of fresh and interesting possibilities. Many people are still enthusiastic from the New Year’s resolutions and ready to jump at change. Some people have set goals for a raise, new job, improving a relationship or even becoming organized. Successful change starts with developing a realistic action plan and modifying behavior to be consistent with the plan. Consistency, though, always seems to be the hardest part of achieving my New Year’s resolutions. So, my motto for this year will be consistency!

For me, the New Year has brought about a lot of personal change. For instance, my wife and I recently purchased a new home and finally finished unpacking all those nasty boxes hiding in the corner of the basement. Ah, the joys of unpacking!

The most exciting change for my New Year though is joining the Binary Tree team.  My new role will remove me from direct service delivery of Exchange and Lync offerings to a Solutions Architect role. I’m looking forward to engaging with customers and partners to understand their individual challenges. I find great joy in finding ways to empower my customers to achieve their business goals. Another great benefit is that I get to work along side another Microsoft Master - Gary Steere (@GS_MCM).

Now, time to embrace the morning and grab some espresso from Starbucks. Ah, the sweet taste of consistency.


  1. Welcome Aboard Justin!

    Likewise, I am excited to work with another Master. 2015 is going to be a good year!

    -Gary Steere

  2. Congrats Justin!
    And working with Gary....sounds like you'll have fun!

  3. Thank you Ingo! Are you going to make it to Ignite?

    1. Hopefully! As of today not clear, but I'm definitely planning....