Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How To: Active Exchange User Script #MSExchange


Scripts, scripts, scripts! Yes, everyone loves to find new ways to automate daily tasks. Here is another script from one of my MCM colleagues Ingo Gegenwarth. Sometimes you just need a quick and easy way to see the number of active Exchange users in a given AD site. If this sounds like a common scenario then you are going to love this script. 


This script when executed will display the number of active users and connections on your Exchange servers in a specified AD site. The script queries the AD site specified and then performance counter data is used to enumerate the values. The script can show just a summary of your connections only pulling data from five performance counters. A detailed view can be obtained by not using the summary switch.

First, from an Exchange PowerShell prompt issue the following command.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass

Next, we will look at our Exchange client connections using the summary switch. The script will enumerate the Exchange servers found within the AD site that the script is run.

Get-ActiveExchangeUser.ps1 -Summary

Now, let’s run the script enumerating all values for a detailed look.

Get-ActiveExchangeUser.ps1 –ADSite <sitename>


The Get-ActiveExchangeUser.ps1 script is another great addition to the Microsoft Script Center website. Make sure to download and rate the script today! I can tell this is going to be a great week!


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